GozNym banking Trojan ramps up attacks, targets Europe

Post Date : April 29, 2016 | 12:21 pm

It is no longer just US banks that are the sophisticated Trojan’s potential victims.

The operators behind the GozNym financial Trojan have been busy. After targeting US banks in a widespread campaign earlier this month, the cybercriminals have now set their sights on Europe.

According to IBM’s X-Force security team, the hybrid malware is now being used in aggressive attacks against Europe including 17 major Polish banks, a Portuguese financial institution and corporate targets.

GozNym is a hybrid Trojan which binds the capabilities of the Nymaim Trojan and Gozi ISFB.

By bringing together the source codes of two powerful pieces of malicious code, the threat actors have managed to create what IBM calls a “double-headed monster” capable of bringing financial institutions to their knees.

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