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NB Insurance understands that we can achieve quality performance only through the collective capability of our people. That’s why we consider leadership and talent as a priority throughout the company. Our Management team consists of highly professional, dedicated, efficient, qualified and motivated human resource. They are continuously contributing their proficiency and knowledge to the organizations .NB Insurance is completely dedicated for developing capabilities and talents among our current employees
NB Insurance Company Ltd is fully focused on increasing general insurance business in remote areas. Company is engaged to explore new area of insurance activities and company will surely create new benchmark with the use of more efficient advertising campaign in expansion of agricultural insurance activities in the country. To be regarded as a reputable insurance company that transacts with integrity and transparency, engages and challenges successful people, and excels in providing continuous quality insurance products and services.

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Kathmandu Naxal

Phone : 4411510, 4411520, 4411735

Fax : 977-1-4411736

Narayanchaur, Naxal Ward No 1
Kathmandu Nepal
P.O. Box:21746


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