Advance Money Transfer Pvt Ltd

Advance Money Transfer P Ltd is a money transfer company established in April 2005 under Nepalese Company Act 1996. The company has been serving Nepalese community in different parts of the world by providing a safe, convenient, speedy and economical way of remitting money to Nepal.

AMT Remit

AMT Remit is an online money transfer product developed by the company to facilitate money transfer to Nepal with the uses of state-of – art technology for secured money transfer. We provide all our valued customers a very much quick, secure, reliable and convenient money transfer services. We deliver quality services with minimum service charges comparing to other remittance companies.

Instant cash payment

Money transferred from anywhere in the world can be instantly cashed across more than 250 payout location with in the country. With the use of advance technology and our extensive network coverage, AMT provide a secure way to send and receive money. We make sure that the remittance gets to where it’s needed quickly and without any complication.

Account credit

We can instantly deposit money transferred from any corner of the world to remitters’ bank account in Nepal. For this service we have corresponding relations with almost all Nepalese banks and financial institutions.

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