J.M.E. Remit Company Pvt. Ltd.

Japan Money Express Co. Limited or JME in short is a legitimate worldwide money transmitter. It is formally registered with the concerned authority of the Government of Japan and has obtained license from local finance bureau to operate abroad remittance business from Japan. Its central office is located at the heart of Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. JME is the first company of its kind which is established in Japan by a group of enthusiast and experienced entrepreneurs for providing remittance service to the people living in Japan who want to send their hard earned money to Nepal in an easy, speedy and reliable manner.

JME offers an easy, reliable and speedy channel to its members and customers to send money from Japan to Nepal. Hence, the entire procedures in JME are designed to make the job of transferring money in a very convenient and practical manner. JME has affiliation with almost all major banks of Japan, which gives it access to collect money from any part of Japan with the help of the widespread networking of these banks. This has made it possible for the members and customers of JME to deposit the amount which they want to send to Nepal in any part of Japan in any of the hundreds of branches of these banks with whom JME has its accounts.

  • Faster, Safer and Reliable way of sending money back home
  • A very large number of agent network for ease of payment nearby
  • Account Opening Services of different bank from Japan itself
  • Wide range of product and services
  • You can send money from any part of Japan and many more
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