Panos Remmit Pvt. Ltd.

We are a registered and licensed Money Transfer company in Nepal. We are a group of people with having the expertise and experience in the sector of money transfer.

Our target is to be a best company in the sector of money transfer service business.

We receive money from all over the world and pay our clients in almost all districts of Nepal. Our payment locations cover almost all districts of the country. Our clients can receive money immediately in these payment locations.

Our main concerns in providing service to our clients, are cost, security, reliability, accuracy and transaction speed. Mainly we provide three kinds of services to our clients

1. Cash Pick Up

The beneficiaries can collect money with transfer PIN code and valid identity card at any of our payment location in Nepal.

2. Bank Deposit

We can deposit the transferred money to any bank account in Nepal as per the instructions of the clients. There will be no extra charge for the Bank Deposit service.

3. Home Delivery

We also provide our client home delivery service as per the request of the clients with minimum service charge.

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