Siddhartha Development Bank Ltd.

Siddhartha Development Bank limited (SDBL) is the first Development bank of western region of Nepal established formally in the year 2056 which commenced operation on 11th Ashad, 2057. The Bank has been established solely with the aim of getting exclusive confidence of Nepalese market by rendering global standards of services through professional & quality management. SDBL has been promoted as a dedicated bank with a primary focus in the development of industrial trade and commercial in Nepal Besides debt financing, the bank also offers assistance to the clean and renewable energy projects by way of private equity and advisory and consulting services. The Bank which has been in profitable operation from its inception, has managed robust growths in its overall business and profitability during the recent years. The Bank offers a complete suite of banking products and services including transaction banking, business banking, project finance, corporate banking and consumer banking.

The Board, supported by the management team comprising of young, enthusiastic professionals, has successfully embarked on a multi-pronged strategy of consolidation, administrative streaming, human resource up-skilling, strategic cost management, focused non-performing assets management, balance sheet and treasury management and controlled asset growth in tandem with strengthing the credit culture and strategic marketing and sales. The Bank is rated as “A” class financial institution by Nepal stock Exchange since listing of its public shares.

SDBL is committed to provide superior banking products and financial to its customers through efficient and cost-effective service delivery; offering of new innovative products and friendly customer service; and at the same time maintaining confidentially, professionalism & good governance. It consistently upgrades its processing systems and technology support besides broadening its scope, range and quality of services. All its branches are interconnected through leased line/optical fiber back-ups and are capable of providing on-line real-time banking services.

The Bank believes in continuously offering new and value added services to customers with commitment to quality and value to clients. Accordingly, the Bank has been in the forefront in launching Superior products with unique customer friendly features with immense success.

Its core mission is to collect the financial liquidity of the country in the form of deposit and to prop up the economic development of the country by investing on the locale like industry, business, agriculture and the other entire possible production sector which are fit in the outlook of business. It also tries to provide the international level of banking and financial service to its customers.

SDBL aspires to be the best development bank in Nepal with global network.

The main objectives of this bank is to serve the people and the nation providing world class banking products and services through professional and quality management.

The main objectives of this Bank are as follows:

To provide standard and reliable financial services to the general public by protecting and promoting the rights and interest of the depositors, and shareholders of the bank.
To bring about such financial resources, from internal and external sources, as may be required for the establishment, development expansion and enhancement of capability and productivity of agriculture, industry, trade and other productive business which appears feasible from business viewpoint, and render support for bringing about dynamism in the development of industrial, trade and agricultural sectors of the country.
To establish, operate, develop, expand and promote manufacturing and employment-oriented business in rural and urban areas. By properly utilizing the available skills, labor and capital, to provide such financial resources, technical and managerial consultancy service, training and technology as may be required for the same, and be actively engaged in, and thereby render support for, poverty alleviation.
To provide financial intermediary service through institutional investment by integrating the capital scattered in the country and fair competition.
To provide mid-term and long-term financial means and resources as may be required for investment to be made in the development of infrastructures of the country in a business like manner, while remaining vigilant towards the protection of environment.
To mobilize and provide such mid-term and long-term capital as may be required for the establishment, operation, protection and promotion renewable energy and other infrastructures and business related therewith, by the private sector.

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