Charity urges banks to support ‘digitally excluded’ older people

Post Date : May 1, 2016 | 7:40 pm

Banks and building societies must step up their efforts to support older age-friendly banking, according to a charity.

A report from Age UK said that with thousands of branch closures across the UK in recent years and an ageing population, more consideration of the needs of older customers and how these can be met is needed.

The charity argues that if some initiatives by financial firms were rolled out more widely, this could “revolutionise” the way in which they interact with older people.

It said that despite the rise in technology such as online banking, around 4.5 million over-65s remain “digitally excluded” across the UK.

Age UK said that for some, the cost of getting online is “prohibitively high”, while others may lack computer or digital skills or access to training. Some may also have concerns about security issues amid frequent reports of scams and financial abuse. In addition, older people may also have particular problems with mobility and other physical issues, as well as problems remembering passwords.

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